The Adventures of Adorable Mega Man

This is Adorable Mega Man. After fighting for everlasting peace for so long, he has earned a well-deserved break.
But his adventures are far from over! He’s now ready to explore the world like never before!
And thus begins
The Adventures of Adorable Mega Man. 

ImageAdorable Mega Man likes books. Here he is reading A Game of Thrones.

Adorable Mega Man likes video games.

One of Adorable Mega Man’s BFFs is a trex named MR. T-Rex.
They do lots of fun things together like watch kung-fu flicks and partake in hotdog eating contests.

ImageThis is Adorable Mega Man’s other adorable brother, Adorable Protoman.

ImageAdorable Mega Man & Adorable Protoman

Adorable Mega Man and Adorable Protoman like to explore the unknown with R2-D2.

Wait for it….

Who knows what adventures he’ll go on next! Stay tuned!


Note: I did not make these adorable crochet creatures. If you’d like an adorable Mega Man and/or an adorable Protoman of your own, visit:

Star Wars Weekends 2013

Image    Back in June I went to Star Wars Weekends in Orlando, FL. Me being the avid Star Wars fangirl that I am, I went crazy taking pictures of absolutely everything! Its so much fun seeing your favorite characters walk around the park and handing out autographs. OH and Darth’s Mall was truly excellent! Lots of awesome Star Wars stuff for sale.
If you love Star Wars I highly suggest this event! Here are some photos I took:






ImageFor more pictures go here! Feel free to like my page while you’re at it :D :D :D (thanks in advance! ;])

Disney hasn’t announced when Star Wars Weekends 2014 is gonna be, but its usually around late spring. For more info check this out.

And now a silly picture of me bidding farewell!