Up and Away

Noches Tropicales

Picture this: You’re sitting under the stars and you’re listening to some sweet tunes that are making your hips sway. The music is so lively and uplifting that all you wanna do is dance dance dance. So, what do you do? You get up and you dance that night away! Did I mention that you’re under the stars?  Well, Noches Tropicales/Tropical Nights is a FREE concert under the stars that offers a wide variety of music (from salsa and merengue to disco and reggae), featuring Grammy Award-winning artists! That sounds wonderful, no? Last night’s Noches Tropicales/Tropical Nights concert was at the Miami-Dade Tropical Park and featured Tony Swing. The merengue, the energy, and the crowd were amazing!

  The next Noches Tropicales/Tropical Nights is in October so mark your calendars! I know I know it’s sooo far away! But it’ll be something to look forward to, no? For more info, go here. They’ll be updating with their 2014/2015 calendar real soon!