tumblr_neg4zpd1oR1u2izz5o2_1280People occasionally ask me why I take so many pictures. Well, it’s like this: I take lots of pictures so that you can pretend you were right there with me; seeing the things I saw, feeling the things I felt!  Also, I simply LOVE to take pictures. It’s like that moment in time was captured… frozen, never to be returned to again. No matter what you do, that shot can’t be redone. And you can never go back to that moment in time…the photograph is the only place you can relive it! (Not to mention it’s great for remembering things when you have short term memory!)

But anywho, I welcome you to my photography blog! Here you will see pictures of all sorts! Humans, insects, animals, flowers, geeky things, and more! Hope you enjoy the ride and have a beautiful day! ✿


Nabila Verushka


Nabila Verushka currently resides in Miami, Florida. She likes to travel throughout Florida to photograph events of all sorts. If you are interested in having a session with her, feel free to contact  nverushkaphoto@gmail.com!
She photographs engagements, weddings, family/baby/pet portraits, individual portraits, birthday parties, special events, and more!

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