My Boyfriend & Mega Man

My boyfriend is a HUGE Mega Man fan. No, you don’t understand. When I say he loves Mega Man I mean he LOVES Mega Man, with bold capital letters. The other day I asked what 3 things were the most important things in his life and he said:

“1. Mega Man 2. You 3. My right hand [for drawing].”  HAH!

     A couple of weeks ago we took our first mini roadtrip together to Ft. Myers to his parents’ old house. Looking through some old bins from his childhood, I stumbled upon adorable drawings from when he was about 6 years old. Unfortunately I can’t show you, dear reader, because my boyfriend will kill me if I do. But once I persuade him to let me, I will post them up! I found it super adorable that he’s been passionate about something like this for so long. (Hah, more like obsessed!) .  Soon those drawings will be 20 years old! :O  I also found Sonic and Super Mario Bros. drawings. Unfortunately, I can’t show you those either D:
Anywho, here are random pictures from his Mega Man figures collection:Image





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